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TAC is a fully independent European research group providing advisory services on international economic and financial issues for financial investors, industrial companies and multilateral organizations. TAC is also managing complex research and consulting assignments for multilateral organizations (the European Commission, UNCTAD, ADB,...), helping governments worldwide to design and implement better macro, trade and investment policies.

Since the 1990's, TAC has established a very strong reputation for being able to understand the key economic issues pertaining to developing countries and to deliver operational results to its private sector customers as well as to multilateral institutions. This reputation has been built on praised economic and financial expertise and the ability to design and calibrate powerful quantitative instruments and models.

Fully Independent

TAC is a fully independent company owned by its senior staff. Since its creation back in 1991, TAC has not sold anything else than research and advisory services: our outputs are therefore completely void of potential conflict of interest or specific representation of vested interests.

Research Group

The core principle guiding TAC is the ability to (1) understand fundamental economic and financial developments, (2) design the most relevant quantitative models and data-mining technique to interpret and measure such developments, and (3) derive the operational conclusions from such analysis and modeling that can be directly incorporated in each institution’s own decision-making processes regarding international strategies and policies. We have an outstanding track-record for correct projections and analyses, aided by the fact that we do not shy away from contrarian positions.

International Economic & Financial Issues

TAC started by focusing on country risk and economic issues facing developing countries and emerging markets, and has expanded significantly to other areas of financial and economic research since 2005, including advisory services on most major international financial variables (from major currencies to oil prices) in addition to our top-of-the market country risk service.

Risk analysis, risk pricing and risk management are at the core of our research and advisory services, helping international companies and institutions design their risk mitigation policies as well as their priorities in strategic international developments.