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Curacao project

Strategies for Sustainable Long Term Economic Development in Curacao

TAC Project Management team (TAC-IE) has been managing this project on behalf Curacao Ministry of General Affairs since the end of 2011. The objective of this project was to assist the Government of Curacao in developping a sustainable and stable long term economic development strategy.

The overall purpose of the assignment is to investigate the possibilities and to propose concrete recommendations to expand the economy, while ensuring it has a sound business climate, is innovative, dynamic, sustainable and employment generating. Hence the Report analyzes economic indicators in order to pinpoint vulnerabilities and identify viable sectors with export potential and to carry out projections of growth based on several scenarios. It also provides recommendations on the institutional and regulatory means to alleviate the bottlenecks identified, including the general improvement of the business climate. Recommendations address an overall integrated policy which takes into account the needs of the current population, those of the local enterprises, the existing labour market and social structure in the country and its environment. Recommendations address short, medium and long-term strategies to achieve the development goal pursued. They also propose a strong research and development programme.

Finally, this Report is also expected to foster ownership, cooperation and coordination within the country and raise the capacity of its public administrators to use the indicators and analytical methods employed to realize its recommendations. This Report is also expected to guide the Government of Curaçao in the implementation of its new economic development plan and identify the relevant resources required to achieve this. Full absorption of this Report by all relevant public and private stakeholders is a pre-condition for its long term success.

Diagnosis Workshop on April 18, 2013 in Curacao

Here are the pdf files of the report, the conference programme and all the presentations used for this final workshop:

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